MCM - Selling fake stock scamming families

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Pj Abbott was arrested April 4th for fraud by Harris county detectives. His court information and his arrest are posted online at Harris county Tx district clerk.

Pj Abbot is in criminal court 174. Judge Hazel B. Jones. Pj Abbott is a scam artist and rips off families.

The court phone for PJ Abbots case is 832-927-4200. Call now to find about all the details in Pj Abbots huge crime case for scamming hard working American families

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Billings, Montana 0 comments
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I get calls from India. This company will not identify itself and doesn't employ people from the country it's calling to.

The calls come-in as "unknown", and when you get a real number (?), it doesn't connect. Would YOU trust a company like this? It takes a long conservation to get them to identify themselves, and then it's only after repeated questions (i.e., We are Midland. OK, Midland what.

What does your Company do?) If you let them know you're recording the conservation, they terminate the call.

They call seven-days-a-week, and start at EXACTLY 8am.

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MCM tried to get me to pay a 7 year old debt

Cleveland, Ohio 1 comment
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MCM threatens you with legal threats but does not provide the info needed to prove the debt is you. I had purchesed a computer from Dell in 2005 then MCM said I owe 3000 some dollars on a computer i purchased for 1700.

They could not provide proof of the amount but threaten that it is in the process of going to court and a judement made on you. Then they agree to a settlement payment. Then they change the end date and added an extra month. Then said your payment couldn't be processed and you owed the full amount.

They wont let you pay by check, electronic check, direct payment but only by credit card. After threating them by keeping all records and proof that you will win in court they will agree to accept the final payment in a check.

I believe they find old debts aand threaten people to take there money. This company is a fraud



Pay no attention to their numerous letters and those supposedly from Lawyers. They tried to scam me for seven years, even after repeated phone calls to them telling them they had the wrong person --I had no such debt with Fingerhut. Glad I moved away, no more letters from this scamming company.

Harassment from MCM and I don't have an account pending

Fort Collins, Colorado 1 comment

Harassment -

I am being harassed by Mr. Cyrus Smith at extension 53567. He is calling leaving messages for someone who doesn't live at my number. The person was allowed to use my phone to call him and he kept my number for that person. I have asked him not to call my number over 5 times. He said until that person calls him back he was going to keep calling. He call me Sunday during the day then again at 11:17 pm Sunday night.

I am going to report MCM to the Better Business Bureau if I get one more call.



The collector is correct that he has the right to call the debtee at your number because the MCM collector did make a right party contact at your number. His assertion that your friend needs to contact MCM is correct according to the FDCPA laws.

Ever wonder how many people lie to debt collectors and "wrong number" or"Sorry, this isn't their number anymore"?

No, people would never lie to a debt collector... what was I thinking?

MCM - Trying to collect on credit card

Riverside, Rhode Island 0 comments

mcm is trying to collect on a credit card that i paid off 9months ago. ccs services had the debit of 1500 dollars and i paid them monthly.

then my wife got a settelment and central credit services accepted 632 dollars and call the debt paid. no 9 mos later they are saying i still owe them the credit card 800 dollars but ca settle for 600 dollars.but i asked them why they waited 9 mos to contact me and they avoid the question. so now i they call 4 to 5 times a day.

but it is funny when i call the credit card company they say they have no record of this they are scamers. my next step is to file complaint with the ftc

MCM - Called 8.00 a.m. sunday morning .

Detroit, Michigan 0 comments

A employee from mcm called my home at 8:00 a.m. Sunday.He was very rude.

He was looking for someone with the same last name as mine .I do not know the person he was looking for.He said his name was Kevin Blacksmith? When I Asked to speak to his supervisor he argued with me.I then spoke to Sharon Charles and asked her to take my phone number off her list. She hung up on me.

She also gave me a false phone number.I also found out they were calling from India. I do not belive these people should be able to call at any time and give me false information with no recorse.

Verizon and MCM trying to collect on a paid account

Ada, Minnesota 0 comments

I had an account with Verizon. In March 17th I called Verizon to pay the bill and have it removed from my credit file.

I made an agreement and paid $266, half the original balance. E check comes out of my account and bang, I'm done. Fast forward 3 months and I get a collection letter from MCM telling me I owe the whole amount. I call them and tell them Verizon was paid and they are incorrect to which I'm told they will contact Verizon for proof.

Another week passes and I get another call and am told "Verizon will need to pay us but til they do you owe the $". I called Verizon and they said they'd take care of it. Today I get another collection letter from MCM showing the full amount again so I call Verizon who says "we sold the account on the same day you paid us, March 17th. We sent the $ to MCM in June"...

WHAT????? Ok, so if MCM got soem of the $ in June why are they still trying to collect the whole amount? Why didn't anyone there mention that until I brought it up? Why didn't Verizon tell me they forwarded the $ in any of the phone calls?

Why did Verizon wait 3 frikken months to send the $ to MCM (causing my credit file to be hit).

I asked MCM to call Verizon again and verify the debt but they say "it's my responsibility". Jerks!

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Monetary Loss: $532.

MCM - Sent letter about fictitious credit card obligation

Orlando, Florida 0 comments
Not resolved

I recently received a letter from mcm Midland Credit Management trying to collect a non existent debt.They sent a letter offering 40% off my??? past due credit card obligation, I do not have business with that company, when you tried to contact by phone the office the communication is impossible, Be carefuly because the machine is asking for your social security number. I went to the sheriff office and they gave my information about the fishing letter and this web site to make the complain.They also explained don't answer the fishing letter and if I have more communications make a sue.

Review about: Credit Card.

Mcm, talk about harassment

Cleveland, Ohio 2 comments
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I am constanly and daily being called by MCM for a bill I never owed with a company I never did business with. I sent them the paper work they requested and still they call me and tell me to pay the balance which they have dropped from 900.00 to 585.00.

I can not get a word in with the person I am forced to speak with and I can't understand him. Now I am forced to involve an attorney for a bill I never owed. It makes me sick. You do all the steps required to show you dont owe this money and still they harass you.

And I was told it didnt matter if I wanted them to stop calling.

This is now on my credit report.

Monetary Loss: $900.


Penhook, Virginia, United States #10654

I feel like there is nothing that can be done to stop these sharks from mcm. I feel pissed and helpless and dont know who to call to stop the harrassment. I dont owe a bill and they have the power to screw up my credit.

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #10227

I have been hastled by this company for eight years, getting letters and phone calls about a non-existent debt owed to "Fingerhut" for $400. They had part of my name mispelled, so it was probably another person with the same name, they were looking for. I told them by phone three times about this, and the girl said she would take this home and this phone number off her list. I refused to give her my social security no. if she asked for it.

After promising to stop , they don't. I still got threatening letters from MCM for three more years, and still now.

Every month I get a letter. They say if you pay now, they will cut your bill in half and you can pay half of it to settle with them. LOL!!!!! The whole thing is a scam.. Others have said the same scam was pulled on them.

At one point they used a computer to dial my phone number day and night, an average of six times a day for two years!!!!! These crooks need to be stopped!

Mcm "collections"

Cleveland, Ohio 0 comments

They continually harass me over a bill I never owed. I sent them paper work that they requested and still they call me on a daily basis.

They "offered" to drop the balance on the bill I never owed with a company I never did business with from 900.00 to 585.00. I am forever dealing with the same person that I can barely understand and refuses to let me speak.This company is the worst Ive ever dealt with and now I am forced to involve an attorney. Unbelievable that companies like this are allowed to continue.

It makes me sick!

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